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Why Choose All Laser LASIK?

LASIK-Good enough for Pilots, Astronauts and Eye Surgeons!

NASA has finally followed in the footsteps of the Navy and Air Force, approving LASIK for anyone dreaming of being an astronaut or flying a plane but limited by visual handicaps. Advanced LASIK surgery is now sanctioned by NASA for vision correction to qualify people for space missions.  For those of you living in Pennsylvania who feel that your spectacles or contact lenses are preventing you from achieving your dream job or have another unfulfilled ambition, the time has never been better to look into Vision Correction at Siepser Laser Eyecare! Who better to perform your surgery than Dr. Steven Siepser?  He had the LASIK procedure himself and understands a patient’s perspective. Dr. Seipser maintains an active lifestyle as a skilled pilot, avid skier, horseback rider and busy father of three young children. He has not let wearing glasses hold him back.

All Laser LASIK is available at Siepser Laser Eyecare

Just as NASA did a huge amount of research on LASIK before determining that “ALL LASER” technologies delivered the superior outcomes necessary for astronauts’ visual needs, Dr. Siepser did his homework as well. Being a former investigator for FDA LASIK trials, he reviewed the technologies available worldwide.  His clinical opinion was sought for on advancements coming down the pipeline. Data from the military trials showed that the combination of femtosecond lasers for LASIK flap creation, combined with wavefront guided excimer lasers to sculpt the cornea were safe and produced reliable as well as superior outcomes.  Dr. Siepser did further research to obtain for his practice the best technology on the market.

No more waiting.  The time is here!  Siepser Laser Eyecare is thrilled to provide “All Laser LASIK” at no additional cost.  In the Delaware Valley, we are the exclusive provider of blade free LASIK utilizing the Ziemer Femtosecond laser combined with the Visx S4 tracking and wavefront guided excimer laser.  Furthermore, Dr. Siepser is the only surgeon in the region who can insure your LASIK outcome.

Over 12 Million Procedure performed

Well over 12 million LASIKs have been performed in the US, making it the most popular elective procedure in the country.  NASA’s sanction of LASIK and the military’s approval of implantable lenses (Visian ICL) for vision correction are significant endorsements.  Astronauts, mission commanders, pilots and payload specialists all face extreme circumstances when encountering G force take-off to zero gravity in space travel or defending our country in the harshest environments.  If the all laser LASIK procedure has proven safe for people enduring these challenging situations, you may want to consider taking your turn at eliminating your dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

Your Choice

Be sure to ask for the LASIK procedure that is “all laser or blade free” with the assistance of the Femtosecond Laser.  The femtosecond laser now replaces the hand held microkeratome blade previously used for earlier LASIK procedures.  It has improved the safety, precision and predictability of creating the corneal flap.  It is the first step in the process, essentially eliminating the possibility of any sight threatening complications. The femtosecond laser creates the optimal corneal surface below the flap. The second step uses our wave front guided Visx Star S4 excimer laser to map the eye for customized correction.  It is virtually foolproof.  Dr. Siepser will tell you that the sophistication of our technology, allied with his expert surgical skills and track record for Zero percent infection along with our compassionate, experienced refractive team results in superior visual outcomes. Patients report a huge improvement in the quality of their vision compared with the sight they had when wearing glasses or contacts. Those who had 20/20 vision with their glasses say that their vision after LASIK is far better than before. They are also amazed at the degree of comfort and ease which they now have going about their daily life. 


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