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What Our Patients Say

Patient Information"Having worn glasses for half of my life because I was unable to be fitted for contacts, I decided that this year my Christmas present to myself would be laser eye surgery. I had gone to a different laser eye center in the past, but felt uncomfortable, so didn't go through with surgery. Doing my online research I found Dr. Siepser and the Siepser Laser Eyecare Center. At my first appointment I actually got to meet my surgeon, Dr. Siepser, this wasn't the experience I had previously with the other laser center. I was really impressed that I was meeting the actual Doctor who not only would be performing my procedure, but whose name was on the building.

Everyone at Siepser Laser Eyecare made me feel confident and that I would be well taken care of, it did not feel like a factory, which is how I felt leaving the other eyecare center. I scheduled my procedure for the next week. The day of the surgery I called to reschedule, as I hadn't taken into consideration I would be traveling internationally in three weeks and was nervous about being away from home. Dr Siepser personally called me to find out why I was rescheduling, he was concerned. I explained my situation, he took time to again explain the recovery and assured me that I didn't have anything to worry about being out of the country. He gave me the name of a surgeon in Germany that he knows personally to make me feel more at ease. Dr Siepser really does care about his patients, and knew how life changing this could be for me. We did the procedure that day as planned. The actual surgery took no more than 15 minutes, and Dr. Siepser kept me calm and informed through the whole process. I took a nap at home after the surgery, when I opened my eyes I could see the television clearly! By dinner time I was able to see small print across the room! I have gone for my follow up appointments and now have 20/15 vision. I couldn't be happier, life without glasses is awesome!!"

~Niki Morett, VWR International

"I had been severely myopic since I was a very young child and had relied on glasses or contacts my whole life (I'm 35 years old). After a good deal of research, I elected to have my LASIK procedure this past December (2013) and a few days ago I had an enhancement (6 months after my initial surgery) and so far, I am extremely happy and far more than just "satisfied" with the results.

If you are considering LASIK surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Siepser and his organization. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my eyes!"

~Hope Ammerman

Williams“It's almost one year out since my LASIK and wow is my life different. My first movie (which I did pre-Lasik) is coming out on HBO this Sunday ('The Normal Heart'). But boy, has my new vision helped my confidence and appearance on the red carpet”

~William DeMeritt, Actor

LeSean McCoy chose Dr. Siepser for his LASIK procedure!

~LeSean McCoy, Pro Bowl Running Back

Sue Moran“Life glasses free is AWESOME! I don't get that feeling of dread when I go to the movies and forget them anymore”

~ Sue Moran, Associate Head Women's Basketball Coach, Saint Joseph's University

Jennifer Campbell"I started wearing glasses at age 2, and contacts at age 10. Without corrective lenses, I could not get through my day. Even with corrective lenses my vision was not 20/20. I grew up thinking that this was as good as things would get – I had been told I wasn’t a candidate for LASIK because of the extreme shape of my eyes. Then my eye doctor mentioned ICL surgery. His daughter had a similar situation to mine, and she had gone to Dr. Siepser for ICL surgery. I thought, “if Dr. Siepser is good enough for an eye doctor to send his child to, then he is good enough for me!” I took some time to research it and think about whether it was worth the risk and cost, and ultimately for me it was. And here I am now, able to go through life – to work, to dance, to drive, without having to wear glasses or contact lenses. After seeing the way I did previously for 30 years, it is truly amazing!"

~Jennifer Campbell

Siepser Laser Eyecare: Shane Victorino"Thank you for assisting my fiancée with her vision correction needs. I was extremely impressed with your facility and professional staff. As soon as we sat down for her consultation, I knew she would receive the best care and optimal results in your hands. She is ecstatic about her new vision and I can't thank you enough for taking such good care of her!"

~ Shane Victorino, Philadelphia Phillies #8

Scott Palmer"I am completely happy with my new eyesight. It no longer matters how far the ball is hit out of the park, I can follow it until it winds up in the hands of a lucky fan."

~ Scott Palmer, Director of Public Affairs, Philadelphia Phillies

" I have known Dr. Steven Siepser for over 12 years. The Siepser Laser Eyecare offices in both King of Prussia and Plymouth Meeting provide patients the best available technology in ophthalmology, including Imaging instruments, Electronic Health Records and the most advanced refracting technology available. Dr. Siepser has always focused on high caliber scientific knowledge and patient care as his number one priority. I have worked with the majority of the best practices in the Philadelphia region and Dr. Siepser represents the Best of the Best."

~Drew Tucker, Eye Tech, Inc.

"What you have done is deeply appreciated because it has been far more than just correcting my vision. I can truly say now that I am enjoying my life without headaches, migraines or even those annoyances, which my glasses caused me. It's amazing how life changing the LASIK procedure has been for me."

~Anna Semyonova

"How do you thank someone for giving you your eyesight back? This was a 50th birthday present to myself and I have been waiting about 10 years to have the surgery trying to figure out whom to trust with my eyesight. I am glad I waited, researched and found you! It is the most amazing thing to happen to me since the birth of my children!"

~Judith Howley

"Dr. Siepser performed my laser vision correction in 2000. I am 49 years old and wear no correction at all! I have comfortable, clear vision at all distances."

~ Dr. Kim Even

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