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To request an appointment, call Siepser Laser Eye Care at 888-859-2020, or complete the form below.

Please note that this form is not intended for urgent conditions, or for questions regarding medical conditions. If you are experiencing an acute eye problem or emergency, please contact our office by telephone.

IMPORTANT: Our staff will contact you by phone to confirm the actual date and time of your appointment.

Please do not use this form to cancel or change an existing appointment.

For convenience to our patients we offer two types of appointments. A Complimentary Vision Screening and a Complete Dilated Consultation.

*Vision Screening:*

We find this appointment works best for:

  • Those who do not wish to remove their contact lenses to be seen
  • Have limited time in their schedules
  • Would like to learn more about vision correction options and payment plans

Screening appointments are available Monday through Friday. Screenings last approximately 30-45 minutes, or as long as you like. At the screening you will meet with the refractive coordinator and a technician. The technicians will perform tests to help determine which procedures you could qualify for and the refractive coordinator will then walk you through next steps. *You would NOT be dilated and would NOT meet the surgeon at this appointment.*

*Dilated Consultation:*

We find this appointment works best for:

  • Those who are ready to book surgery and have a specific time frame in mind for surgery
  • Those who are ready to remove their contact lenses
  • Those who are ready to meet the surgeon

Consultation appointments are available Wednesday's between 3:30-6, if this time is not convenient for you we can make other arrangements.. *You WILL be Dilated* during this visit. At the consultation you will meet the refractive coordinator, the refractive team and you most importantly *WILL meet with your Surgeon-Dr. Siepser. *

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