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Raindrop® Reading Vision Correction

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At Siepser Laser Eye Care, we see many patients experience gradual vision loss that progresses naturally with age. Medically known as ‘presbyopia’, this condition typically occurs in individuals around the age of forty, impacting even those who have never experienced problems with vision loss in the past. Presbyopia causes blurred near vision while reading, working at a computer, crafting, or doing any number of tasks that require accurate vision at near distances. Have you ever had to hold a newspaper or book at an arm’s length in an attempt to read more clearly? This is a tell-tale sign that presbyopia is beginning to have an impact on visual acuity. Experts believe that presbyopia is associated with a hardening of the natural lens of the eye and a general loss of flexibility, which impacts the refraction of light onto the eye. This occurs gradually over time, but can result in increasing dependency on glasses and other vision correction aids to perform everyday tasks.

Symptoms of Presbyopia:

There are several key symptoms that indicate presbyopia, in which case our team at Siepser Laser Eye Care would encourage you to seek a consultation at one of our locations in Wayne or Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. Symptoms indicating that you may need reading vision correction are:

•    Difficulty reading print in books, magazines, newspapers, etc.
•    Blurred vision when viewing items up close
•    Finding yourself holding objects at a distance to try to focus your vision
•    Headaches or eye strain

The Raindrop® Corneal Inlay

At Siepser Laser Eyecare, we strive to offer the best innovations and technology available in the eye care industry to suit our patients’ needs. Dr. Steven Siepser has begun evaluations for patients interested in an alternative to glasses and corrective lenses for presbyopia correction. The Raindrop® Corneal Inlay is a tiny implant, which is placed beneath the surface of the eye in an outpatient procedure that takes only about fifteen minutes! Clear, circular, and so small that it measures at half the thickness of a strand of hair, the implant is designed to stay put, and cannot be felt or even seen in the eye once in place.

As a result of the Raindrop® Corneal Inlay, those with presbyopia can see objects up close without strain or needing to adjust the distance of an object from the eyes. The Raindrop® Corneal Inlay is placed only in a person’s non-dominant eye, and works by adjusting the curvature of the cornea. This helps the cornea to focus light and therefore improve near vision.

If you are seeking alternatives to reading glasses and corrective lenses, and want the freedom to see clearly from the moment you wake up in the morning, Dr. Siepser at Siepser Laser Eye Care has a variety of solutions available to ensure that your vision is at its best. Call our offices in Wayne or Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania today to schedule your consultation!

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