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Steven Siepser, M.D., F.A.C.S. has been a practicing ophthalmologist for 30 years and has deep experience with many complex and difficult ophthalmic problems, including the emotional and social impact of untoward surgical outcomes and managing patient expectations consistent with possible surgical outcomes.

This resource is available to physicians who have concerns or would like to discuss additional options regarding the management and care of ophthalmic patients. Dr. Siepser trusts that his colleagues are well intentioned and have their patients' best interests at heart. His positive caring attitude helps direct patients with issues, complications or untoward outcomes toward skilled care using the best present technologies to minimize the impact of their disability.

We feel this is a valuable physicians resource. Research has shown that patients who consulted, were referred and evaluated by more than one physician lead to better outcomes and better approaches regarding patient care. This includes open physician-to-physician communication via phone calls and emails.

We welcome the opportunity to provide physician-to-physician consultations with a fast response. Contact Dr. Siepser at mobile 215-990-1000 or 888-859-2020 or ssiepser@siepservision.com. Dr. Siepser will usually respond within 24 hours to provide consult.

Papers and Presentations

We invite you to review the following papers and presentations for continued educational purposes.

"This senior insight is how we all progress in medicine taking advantage of a lifetime of surgical experience."
-Dr. Steven Siepser

View Siepser DSAEK procedure on YouTube

View Siepser presentation for Common Eye Problems (PowerPoint)

View Siepser New Technology Presentation(PowerPoint)

View Siepser Awards (pdf)


Referral Form (pdf)


Comanagement post operative Form(pdf)

2009 Comanagement Contract (pdf)

Pre and post operative Crystalens forms (pdf)

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