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Trust the talent of Dr. Steven Siepser to ensure the best results and patient care, offering options in traditional cataract surgery or using the advanced eyecare technology of Crystalens and Restor in cataract procedures.

The human lens is much like a camera lens. A cataract is an opacification, or a film covering and clouding that lens. Modern cataract procedures use intraocular lenses, which approximate the correction of glasses. As a result, there is less dependency on glasses. With the use of new multimodal and accommodating implants, even patients with astigmatism or unusual correction can once again look forward to seeing relatively well without correction following a cataract procedure.

Siepser Laser Eyecare also offers cataract patients the use of Crystalens. Unlike standard cataract replacement lenses, Crystalens lenses correct your cataracts and give you back your full range of vision, allowing patients to see at a distance, intermediate and near, 90% of the time, much improving their performance after cataract surgery as compared to more traditional implants. Many Crystalens patients hardly, if ever, need their glasses or contacts again.

Cataract procedures are short. This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and patients should schedule 4 hours for the complete process. Patients often resume their routine activities the next day. Studies have shown that people increase their risks for cataracts with many lifestyle factors, including obesity, the use of tobacco or abuse of alcohol and those who work outdoors without ultraviolet protection. It has been shown that individuals with a body mass index over 35 have a four times greater incidence of cataracts and those who smoke have 6 times the risk.

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