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Dr. Siepser was the first and most experienced LASIK surgeon to use the FDA approved VISX laser in the Delaware Valley and now is the first and only surgeon in the region to offer blade free "all laser" LASIK using the Ziemer Femtosecond laser combined with the Visx S4 CustomVue Wavefront Guided Tracking Laser. Dr. Siepser has a zero percent infection rate for this procedure at his center. He participated in the initial FDA investigation at the Wills Eye Hospital to personally assist in the FDA approval process for the VISX laser for treating myopia, helping to pioneer this treatment. Most importantly, Dr. Siepser is a recipient of vision correction himself! He can speak to you about LASIK from his own personal experience.

LASIK technology is a customized laser treatment, changing the focusing power of an eye much like contact lenses but the result is permanent. This change in vision allows 98% of patients to see well without reliance on glasses or contact lenses. The procedure takes fifteen minutes and leaves patients less dependent on glasses with much improved vision. LASIK offers patient's minimal discomfort and a quick return to functional vision and their normal lives. LASIK is a positive life changing procedure.

The laser used at Siepser Laser Eyecare is the VISX S4 tracking CustomVue enhanced Excimer laser. This allows for individualized Laser Vision Correction. The VISX laser is the "gold standard" against which all other lasers are measured. Eighty two percent of the procedures performed in the United States are based on the VISX technology. This laser analyzes the surface of the eye allowing patients to achieve their very best vision, customizing the correction to bring their eye to its best visual potential.

CustomVue also provides WaveScan analysis. This laser technology provides both a system of analysis, laser scanning the exact curves of an eye, and then programs the laser to provide treatment to the surface of the eye while tracking the curve of each eye. New Smart features are designed to lock in on the target and maintain course even if the patient moves position during surgery. This safety factor has created even better results in Laser Vision Correction.

You can trust that your total Siepser Laser Eyecare experience will be administrated by a professional and caring staff who make a true difference in patient care, adhering to the highest standard of quality utilizing state of the art technology to provide superior patient results.

Our ability to program the laser to "tissue sparing" mode which allows us to treat thinner corneas safely, PTK, PRK how we use mitomycin to limit any scaring or corneal haze after PRK. Also our triple redundancy engineering standards that avoid the most common error in LVC, misprogramming the laser. Our safety system of redundant patient identification system with photo verification. Our pre treatment clinical huddle the day before surgery to design, simulate and verify the best treatment for our patients. These are key items that differentiate Siepser Laser Eye Care from the pack.

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