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KAMRA™ Reading Vision Correction

Siepser Laser Eyecare is now accepting appointments to be evaluated for presbyopia correction!

As vision loss progresses with age, even those who have never needed the help of reading glasses or contacts may find that their vision is slowly worsening. Aging eyes can cause difficulty performing daily tasks, such as texting or reading an email on your smartphone. This vision loss is called 'presbyopia', a condition that typically impacts those over the age of forty. Presbyopia is caused by reduced elasticity in the lens, which need be flexible in order to adjust to seeing at varied distances. Presbyopia causes blurred or out of focus vision when viewing objects close-up, hence the feeling that you need to hold books or magazines (etcetera) at an arm's length in order to read or view them clearly.

Symptoms of Presbyopia Include:

  • Difficulty reading small print, such as recipes or instructions
  • Blurred vision when viewing items up close, making actions that require detail or precision more difficult
  • Holding objects at a distance to attempt to focus vision
  • Headaches and general eye ftigue

If you are experiencing vision loss caused by presbyopia, you are probably aware of the tradtional treatment options, namely reading glasses or contact lenses. Fortunately, there are new options for reading vision correction that are taking the eye care industry by storm.

The KAMRA™ Corneal Inlay

The KAMRA™ inlay is a corneal implant that can help restore the near vision that allows you to write, read, craft, and live life comfortably. This inlay has the capacity to greatly reduce dependence on contact lenses and reading glasses. If you find that temportary vision correction is contrary to your lifestyle, the KAMRA inlay could be a great option for you. The inlay provides a natural range of vision by focusing the light that enters through the cornea through a pinhole sized hole.

Only one of your eyes receives the KAMRA™ inlay, which allows you to see up close while maintaining your capacity to see at a distance. The inlay itself is both thinner and smaller in diameter as compared to a contact lens.

At Dr. Siepser's office, several options for reading vision correction are available; both the KAMRA and Raindrop Corneal Inlays. Dr. Siepser will evaluate you to determine which procedure will work best for you. If you are interested in presbyopia correction, contact one of our convenient offices for your consultation! With convenient locations available in Wayne and in Plymouth Meeting, you've never been closer to seeing well again.

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