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Eye Exams

Eye Exams PennsylvaniaRoutine eye exams are not routine at all if you have a problem. Our professionals are experts at checking the health of your entire visual system. Our team tests your peripheral vision, color vision, stereo vision looking for any worrisome anomalies. The movement of your eyes and their coordination can actually tell us about the condition of your brain, thyroid and diabetic disease. The position of your eyelids, direction of gaze and movement can actually localize a problem to one of the ocular motor nerves, the 3rd, 4th, 6th besides the all import 1st nerve, the optic nerve.

Proceeding further into the optical system, a papillary response is recorded, the eye pressure is measured and an external exam is completed. The list of problems that can be diagnosed from these simple tests is lengthy from things as simple as a foreign body in your eye, to glaucoma and diabetes. Your lens is checked for cataract then the vitreous is examined along with a careful look at the optic nerve and macula or fine vision center where you actually see 20/20. A routine eye exam is anything but routine and is part of any individual’s quest to maintain excellent health.

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