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DSEK is an amazing new method of performing sutureless corneal transplants. This procedure works for patients whose corneas begin to cloud over due to endothelial dysfunction such as after cataract surgery or in individuals with Fuch's endothelial dystrophy. DSEK is a sutureless corneal transplant procedure for patients who have damage deep within the cornea in the posterior surface. It is most commonly called Fuchs' dystrophy and other dystrophies as a result of surgery can be improved with this amazing 10-minute procedure.

In DSEK, instead of transplanting the full thickness cornea, only these diseased pump cells are replaced. Unlike conventional corneal transplant surgery known as penetrating keratoplasty (PKP), the DSEK procedure utilizes a much smaller surgical incision and requires no corneal sutures. This usually results in more rapid visual rehabilitation for the DSEK patient and also reduces the risk of complications. This speedy outpatient transplantation is matched with a relatively quick visual recovery. Patients achieve their maximum visual performance in a short three months after transplant and are ready for further vision enhancement with laser vision correction.

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