Why See Like This? Dr. Siepser Now Offers Reading Vision Correction With Raindrop®!

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  • A World Class Experience!

    A distinguished member of The Refractive Surgery Alliance and acknowledged regionally as "The Doctor's Doctor," Dr. Steven Siepser is the first FDA approved Visx Laser Eye Surgeon in the Delaware Valley. With over 30 years experience, he is recognized internationally as an innovator and leader in advanced eyecare.

    Welcome to Siepser Laser Eyecare
  • Now you can see better after cataract surgery with new premium lens implants. Trust the talent of Dr. Steven Siepser to ensure the best results and patient care, offering options in traditional cataract surgery or using the advanced eyecare technology of Crystalens and Restor in cataract procedures.

    Advanced Cataract Surgery
  • How much will it cost?

    When choosing a surgeon there are several important factors to consider, such as experience, equipment, comfort level, and price. Today, price is important to everyone but a word to the wise . . . be careful when doing your research! The price at Siepser Laser Eyecare includes a comprehensive package; a thorough eye evaluation, pre-operative testing, post-operative appointments for one year, post-operative eye drops, and LASIK for life. Don't be fooled by ala carte price quotes; they can be very misleading. Choose the best, Dr. Steven Siepser, and protect your vision.

    Financing Options
  • We invite each patient and their family to join our Patient Education Counselor Program, a four-step process to fully educate you on your procedure or treatment and provide you the opportunity for one on one counseling to discuss any concerns.

    Complimentary Vision Correction Consultation
  • ICL can be considered as an alternative to LASIK and PRK or Refractive Lens Exchange. The best candidates are between the ages of 21 and 50, with moderate to severe nearsightedness. The ICL provides predictable outcomes and excellent quality of vision. They can be easily removed or replaced if an eye changes or there is a preferred focus distance that needs to be achieved.

    Visian ICL

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